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ENCLAVE Ventures

Enclave is a distinctive real estate development company. It aspires to be on the forefront of using commercially available technologies to pivot real estate projects and to create compelling experiences that favourably impact purchase decisions. The company is market focused and values collaboration and innovation. We believe that design matters in alignment with sustainability, lifestyle, future proofing and intelligent living. Enclave employs a game changing application of convergent/aggregative technologies plus an innovative proprietary experiential online platform that dramatically transforms and repositions real estate development projects for rapid market absorption due to higher value gain to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Download our apps and experience real estate like the world has never seen before. Dive deep into seeing the future before it is built and be a percocious-like intelligent participant in a real estate revolution that is changing the way people buy real estate on their own terms. Or sit back and watch VR videos. Participate in a virtual reality experience that will enable you to visualize amenities and even personalize your next home. Escape for a few hours from this crazy world, amuse yourself during the Covid-19 isolation, and create something for yourself and your family.



Enclave Ventures Inc is dedicated to bringing you solutions that will revolutionize real estate. We provide you with the opportunity to view and experience and immerse yourself in a real estate solution that will allow you to engage in real estate on your own terms. Please be sure to look through our website and prepare yourself for a wide variety of conent from Virtual Reality Walkthroughs or Download Our Applications for your mobile device.